Municipal Volunteer Program


New Policy Manual Guidelines & Annual Reapplication

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20, City hosted its second annual Municipal Volunteer Program (MVP) Input Forum in the City Hall Council Chambers, 1522 Texas Pkwy., to provide updates on new Municipal Volunteer Program Manual Guidelines, departmental standard operating procedures and new promotional branding initiatives.

Recently, City Manager Anthony Snipes approved a new Volunteer Program Manual that is in effect immediately. The newly adopted manual lists new guidelines and defined roles for both City staff and volunteers in the program and was adopted as part of the Fiscal Year 2018 business plan process.  

“Our City staff anticipated even more tremendous growth for the Municipal Volunteer Program in this fiscal year. In fact, in calendar year 2017, our volunteers contributed 5,645 hours in calendar year 2017, up from 3,936 in 2016,” City Manager Anthony J. Snipes said. “Staff partnered with outside counsel to develop these new guidelines to provide oversight not only for our volunteers but also our staff members who partner with the public on a daily basis.”

Approved as part of the policy guidelines is an annual reapplication process. Every January, volunteers will be required to reapply for the program on the City’s website; in 2018, volunteers currently in the program will have until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, March 31, to reapply. If current volunteers do not complete the annual reapplication, they will no longer be a part of MVP; former volunteers are welcome to apply at any point in the calendar year and rejoin. New applicants may also apply at any time throughout the calendar year. 


Once residents have completed the application, they will be directed to a page on the website with the new program manual and an acknowledgement they must sign to complete their application process.  

“Once residents apply and agree to abide by the new policy manual, a designated Volunteer Liaison will contact the volunteer about training,” said Media Relations Specialist III Cory Stottlemyer, who manages MVP. “Our Leadership Team members are in the process of identifying Volunteer Liaisons in their respective departments who will oversee volunteers and act as a liaison, guide and direct partner for volunteers moving forward.”  

Moving forward, Volunteer Liaisons will provide individual volunteers with an overview of their department’s standard operating procedures and guidelines. Residents with more questions or concerns about the volunteer policy manual or how to apply or reapply for the program may call 281.403.8500 or contact the MVP Coordinator, Cory Stottlemyer. 

“City Staff values the many citizen partnerships that have allowed MVP to grow and contribute to municipal operations. The Municipal Volunteer Program exists not only as a way for residents to partner day-to-day with City staff and at community events but also encourages residents to present City Staff with their own ideas and programs that can be implemented through City Staff and City resources,” City Manager Snipes said. “We look forward to these new policy guidelines further streamlining the volunteer partnerships that currently exist and expanding the program in the years to come.”

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