Dale McClanahan

 In Memory of Dale McClanahan

Dale McClanahan pic.jpg

Forest Pansy Redbud
Planted in MacNaughton Park
April 2013
*Tree Challenge match baldcypress

McClanahan Redbud Tree
After living in Quail Valley since 1981, Dale  McClanahan was thrilled when Missouri City bought the golf courses and decided to convert the course behind his house into McNaughton Park. Dale planted a tree as well as purchased a bench there for his beloved wife, June.  He gave monies to other memorial trees and developed a friendship with Paul, the forester. Dale believed when you planted a tree you were doing a beautiful service to the world. He loved all green things and took pride in the mature live oaks lining his property’s edge. The shade they provided gave the McClanahan family many hours of protection as we gathered to celebrate life time and again. The trees Dale planted in his yard on Villa Lane and the ones in the park will live on as a tribute to a life well lived!