Tree Trimming

City Ordinance

The new ordinance adopted on November 19, 2001, Ordinance 0-01-59, requires property owners/residents to trim trees, bushes and other types of foliage that are not in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • No tree branch shall hang lower than 13 feet over the roadway
  • No tree branch shall hang lower than 8 feet over the sidewalk

The ordinance was adopted to address the problems that low, overhanging tree branches and other bushes are causing for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The City understands citizens who want large trees in the area in which they live, and we can appreciate the desire for aesthetic looking yards and neighborhoods. However, property owners should be able to accommodate their needs and still stay within the ordinances that we are designed to eliminate damage to vehicles and improve traffic safety. Specifically, these low overhanging trees and bushes are:

  • Causing damage to fire trucks, buses, and other vehicles
  • Impeding emergency and delivery vehicles by obstructing their paths
  • Obstructing the views of both drivers and pedestrians
  • Obstructing paths of pedestrians

Any tree, brush, shrub or bush problem that is not in accordance with the guidelines set forth is a violation of the ordinance and is considered a code violation. At this time, the City's Code Enforcement Division is addressing the most hazardous issues with site visits without issuing a code violation letter asking the property owner to take care of the code violation. However, if the problem is not addressed, the property owner will receive a citation for the violation.

Beginning in March 2002, the City's Code Enforcement officers will begin to issue code violation letters whenever a problem is detected and all property owner/residents will be expected to comply with the new ordinance requirements. To avoid enforcement actions, each property owner/resident should take immediate steps to ensure their trees, shrubs, bushes and brush are properly trimmed.

Any questions concerning Code Enforcement should be directed to their hotline at 281.403.8560. Questions concerning tree trimming can be directed to the Public Works Department at 281.403.8570.