Public Infrastructure Permits

Right of Way Construction

Projects that involve work in city rights of way will require a public infrastructure permit. Public infrastructure permits fall into two categories: It is a good idea to schedule a pre-development meeting before initiating design plans that may require an MCI or ROW permit. Please complete and submit the Pre-Development Meeting Application.

If you are thinking about beginning a project please see our Planning Department. After you have gone through the whole Commercial Development Process, have a signed set of plans, and have had a preconstruction meeting you will need a Major Construction Improvement (MCI) Permit Application.

The MCI Permit must be signed off by the Public Works Department before turning in an application to the permits division.

To be signed off by the Public Works department you must have the following:

  1. Signed set of plans
  2. Pre-Construction Meeting
For all other permits please see the permits division.

Public Infrastructure Design Manual

Design Detail Drawings

These technical drawings are Design Guideline Drawings in AutoCAD format “.dwg”, and “.dxf” format to be used in CADD software. They give the procedures and standards that produce a consistent quality of work on projects of the City of Missouri City Department of Public Works. Following these guidelines, or an approved variance, is mandatory, as they apply to each individual project. They currently cover utility projects, such as water, waste water, and storm water, and construction of roadway paving.

Instructions for downloading drawings

A table of contents provides the user with the specific drawing file name and its contents. Once the drawing(s) have been selected you may then download the font’s files with the extension of “.shx” these files are shape files for the fonts to be used with the drawing.

Large 24” x 36” sheets are located in the following folder:2004MC-DTLS, 2004RepairDtls.

Individual 8.5” x 11” sheets are located in the Individual Sheets file.