Spanish Moss

What It Is20.png

Spanish moss is a is fairly common plant in our community and is generally found in the lower canopy of our older trees. It is a non-parasitic plant, which means it can produce its own food and reproduce without harming the host tree. Light colonization of Spanish moss can provide some wildlife benefit and is considered aesthetically pleasing to many.

How To Remove It

Like ball moss, over-colonization can prevent the host tree’s ability to produce food in its leaves. If your tree is overwhelmed by Spanish moss, you can consider removing the plant by hand or treating with a copper sulfate-based product such as Blue Shield, TC Tribasic Copper Sulfate, Basic Copper 53, or Micro-Flo.

More importantly, hire a reputable arborist to look into the general health of the host tree. A healthy tree can co-exist with Spanish moss without being out-competed.