Inspection Process


The process below is a summary and is not to be construed as a complete checklist. Inspections listed below apply to commercial and residential construction. The below describes the general inspections completed by Building Inspectors. 

Additional inspections may be required, dependent upon project type. These additional inspections include zoning compliance (Planning); public infrastructure (Public Works – Engineering); fire code compliance (Fire Department); code compliance (Code Enforcement); and pre-opening health (Health). Please be aware of the timeline for scheduling additional inspections, as needed. 

  • Stormwater pollution control - Silt fence or other approved method to control pollution onto streets and storm drains
  • Temporary electrical service pole - Temporary pole required for each project, may not be shared between jobs
  • Form survey - Required prior to slab inspection and concrete pour
  • Plumbing ground inspection - Underground pipe water test, 10 feet head, check materials
  • Slab-foundation inspection - All of the above must be completed and approved; chairs in place, steel, and ties
  • Frame inspection - All inspections listed below must be completed and approved:
    • Plumbing top-out
    • Energy cover
    • Electrical cover
    • Brick ties
    • Mechanical cover
    • Electrical service
    • Windstorm - residential
    • Fire prevention - commercial
  • Driveway-paving, public walk approach flow line - Must meet city specifications
  • Building final - All inspections listed below must be completed and approved:
    • Plumbing final
    • Gas test
    • Electrical final
    • Municipal Utility District final report
    • Mechanical final
    • Energy final report
  • Certificate of Occupancy - Required for all buildings, residential and commercial; commercial buildings must comply with applicable requirements from building code, planning and zoning, fire code, and health code

Inspection Scheduling

Building code compliance inspections are generally scheduled between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Building code compliance inspections requests received before 7:00 am may be scheduled for the same day. Building code compliance inspection request received after 7:00 am are conducted the following business day. 

After hours and timed inspections are available upon request and based on staff availability for an additional fee.

Inspections may be scheduled using the following Inspections Voice Permit Line or through CSS. Inspection requests sent via email are no longer accepted. 

Inspection Scheduling Assistance

Contact Us

For general permit and inspection questions or to speak with staff, please contact the Permits & Inspections Division at or by calling (281) 403-8600 during hours of operation.