CP sunrise1 08.jpgThe Missouri City Parks & Recreation Department maintains and operates:

  • 21 developed parks in 515.03 acres
  • 14.4 miles of trails
  • 15 properties with 501.68 acres of undeveloped parkland 

Find more information about each park below, including the address and amenities each park offers or view all parks with our Park Finder interactive map.

Do you have questions regarding activities that can take place in our parks? Check out this list of frequently asked questions:

  • Can you have alcoholic beverages at the park? No. You cannot consume or possess any alcoholic beverage in athletic fields, parks, or the Recreation Center. (Ordinance No. 0-17-29)
  • At what parks can you fish? Community, Buffalo Run, Independence and American Legion. You must have the proper fishing license if over the age of 17. Texas Parks and Wildlife Neighborhood Fishing Regulations apply at Community Park. 
  • What times do the parks open and close? 6:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Can you have pets at the park? You cannot hitch, fasten lead, ride, drive, or let loose any animal or fowl of any kind, provided that this shall not apply to a dog when led by a cord or chain not more than six feet long. (Ordinance No. 0-17-29)  
  • Is there swimming allowed at any of the parks? No. Swimming is not allowed in any waterway. (Ordinance No. 0-17-29)
  • Can I bring my own bar-b-que grill or propane grill to the park? Grills are allowed only if you have rented a pavilion and have been issued a permit. You must properly extinguish and clean up all coals when finished cooking.
  • Is smoking allowed in the parks? Yes. Please make sure to properly dispose of any trash in the nearest receptacle.
  • Can I set up a canopy at the park? Canopies are allowed only if you have rented a pavilion and have been issued a permit. All canopies must be properly staked/weighed down and properly secured. Additional tents or canopies must be placed as close to the pavilion as possible.
  • Can I set up tables and chairs? Additional tables and chairs can be set up only if you have rented a pavilion and have been issued a permit. 
  • Is there electricity at the park? Yes. Electrical access is only available with a pavilion rental and permit. While the majority of our pavilions have electrical outlets, availability of electricity is not guaranteed with a pavilion reservation.  The permit holder should come prepared with batteries or gas-powered generator. 
  • Can I set up an inflatable? Yes, only if you have rented a pavilion and have been issued a permit with the inflatable listed on the application. Proof of liability insurance must be presented prior to the event listing the City of Missouri City as additionally insured. A gas-powered generator must be used to power the inflatable/pumps. 
  • Can I have a DJ? Amplified sound is not permitted in residential areas, unless there has been written approval from the Director through a Park Use Permit. Buffalo Run Park is in a commercial area, and therefore at this time, does not require a Park Use Permit.