Permits & Inspections


The Development Services Department, Permit and Inspection Division supports the city’s mission in the following ways:

  • Create value added service – The division’s processes facilitate and enhance the private construction investments being made in the community
  • Develop and organize for optimal performance – The division will cooperate with other city departments to ensure timely review of applications and completion of construction projects
  • Retain existing property values – Strict, yet fair, enforcement of building codes protects each individual’s property value and investment in the community
  • Increase commercial development – Streamlined processes facilitate timely development that benefits the city’s tax base and creates jobs for residents

Description of Operations

The Permits and Inspections Division is responsible for receiving applications, reviewing plans, and issuing permits for a variety of construction activities that require a permit per city ordinances. Examples of permits include building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and major construction improvement permits.
 The division also:

More Information

Certain permit applications and status updates are available 24-7 using the city’s online permit system, Citizen Self Service (CSS).

For assistance in setting up an account and all services provided, view Missouri City CSS User Guide (PDF).