Victim Assistance Program


The Missouri City Police Department’s Crime Victim Assistance Program’s goal is to ensure that the rights of victims are observed and to provide crisis intervention, information, education and referrals to help alleviate the short and long term effects of mental and/or physical trauma experienced from a crime.

How Can We Help?

Crime Victim Services can provide assistance and resources to our citizens and victims of reported offenses. Some common offenses are:

Assault, Family Violence or Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Adult Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Human Trafficking, Robbery and Homicide. 

Crime Victim Liaison

The Missouri City Police Department’s Crime Victim Liaison can help victims or witnesses with:

  • Knowing your rights and your role within the criminal justice system.
  • Personal advocacy/accompaniment and support throughout the criminal justice system process.
  • On scene crisis intervention.
  • Completing and submitting documents for Crime Victim Compensation. 
  • Safety Planning
  • Information and referrals to community based organizations and shelters. 
  • Crime Scene Clean-Up referrals.
  • Legal Aid Referrals.
  • Counseling Referrals. 
  • Protective Order Process
  • Information on case status
  • Assistance with property return. 

Crime Victim Compensation

The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Fund is available to innocent victims of crime and can reimburse for medical, dental, relocation, loss of earning, childcare, funeral expenses, crime scene cleanup and more.  

Please reach out to the Crime Victim Liaison to discuss the eligibility requirements and to help with the application process.  

Crime Victim Rights

Contacts & Resources

Houston Shelter Directory

  • Fort Bend County Women's Center
    • Richmond, TX
    • 281.342.4357
  • Houston Area Women's Center
    • Houston, TX 
    • 713.528.2121 (Domestic Violence) 
    • 713.528.7273 (Sexual Assault)
  • Fort Bend Family Promise - Overnight Only
    • Missouri City, TX  77459
    • 281.403.3923
  • A & M Senior Village, Inc (Men Only Age 45+)
    • Houston, TX  77053
    • 713.433.7317
  • Covenant House Texas (Youth Shelter) 
    • Houston, TX  77006
    • 713.523.2231
  • Star of Hope - Men's Development Center
    • Houston, TX  77081
    • 713.227.8900
  • Star of Hope - Women & Family Emergency Shelter
    • Houston, TX  77003
    • 713.222.2220
  • Mission of Yahweh
    • Houston, TX  77041
    • 713.466.4785
  • Bay Area Turning Point
    • Webster, TX  77598
    • 281.286.2525
  • Montgomery County Women's Center
    • Spring, TX  
    • 936.441.4044
  • Women's Center of Brazoria County
    • Alvin, TX
    • 281.585.0902
  • Women's Resource & Crisis Center
    • 1.800.451.9235          
  • Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County (Women & Children) 
    • 888.919.7233

24 Hour Crisis Helplines


*The Missouri City Police Department complies with applicable federal and state civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, or spousal affiliation in offering or providing services to victims.