Crimes Victim Assistance Program


The Victim Assistance Program was established by the State of Texas in 1979 to provide benefits for the victims of violent crimes.

The goal of the Missouri City Police Department's Victim Assistance Program is to provide the necessary needs to victims of crime and to reduce the effects from short and long term trauma experienced as a result of victimization. 

Program Services 

The Missouri City Police Department will provide any of the following services to a victim of crime:

  • Assistance in filing for crime victim's compensation through the Attorney General of Texas
  • Crisis counseling
  • Information and referral service for:
    1. Community resources
    2. Crime scene cleanup
    3. Emergency shelter
    4. Grief counseling
    5. Legal aid
  • Justice support and procedures, including:
    1. Accompany victim to court
    2. Assistance with the application process for Magistrate Order for Emergency Protection and protective orders
    3. Information on the status of the investigation
  • Notification of victim rights
  • On-scene crisis intervention
  • Personal advocacy / support as necessary for:
    1. Assistance with property return
    2. Individual safety planning
    3. Referrals to support agencies
  • Serve as a liaison between victims, law enforcement, and social service agencies

Crime Victim's Compensation 

If you are a victim of a violent crime who has suffered personal injuries, or you are a surviving family member of a deceased victim of a violent crime, you may be eligible for crime victim's compensation.

To determine if you qualify, or you wish to receive an application, contact City's Crime Victim Liaison Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.