Mahit Vunnam

mahit picture

In loving memory of our beloved son

Mahit Vunnam

(Apr 2002 - Oct 2021)

Mexican Sycamore
Planted at: Community Park
November 2022

Mahit was a sophomore studying to be Pre-med with a Biochemistry major. Mahit was a Health Science Scholar; He was a co-founder and Secretary of Project Sunshine. He loved Bio-Chem and the research lab. Mahit was only 19 years, but he accomplished so much. He was an Eagle Scout, a Swimmer, a Swim Team Captain, a violinist, a Co-founder of UniyTutors, and most importantly a kind and loving person who loved his family and the community from the bottom of his heart. He always had a role in making all of us feel exceptional and loved, one-of-a-kind, and extremely lucky to be a daily presence in our lives. He inspired many people in many ways. He always made us proud of who he was. He had many dreams and aspirations to help and serve people. He would have been such a big blessing to the humanity. We are proud of him and grateful for the time we had with him and for the joy he brought to all of us. Mahit’s life was a blessing, and his memory is a treasure to us. His love was beyond words and missed beyond measure. May the roots of this tree spread strong and grow deep, just as his love did for every soul he touched. Mahit’s memory will live on as this tree blossoms and grows

Love you and miss you always & forever

Your loving families and friends

Sankar, Tanuja and Manisha


Montezuma Cypress planted November 2023