Memorial Tree & Bench Program

Planting a Legacy

The City's Memorial Tree Program will plant a 6-10-foot-tall tree in memory of a friend or loved one. In addition to the tree planting, you will receive a space on the Missouri City Memorial Tree Webpage. You may provide us with a digital picture of your loved one and furnish a customized dedication of 50 words or less to go alongside your name on the website. The online memorial page will include your dedication, photo, and explanation of the tree planting. Your newly planted tree will be mulched, fertilized, pruned, and watered for two years by City staff. If the tree dies within that time, it will be replaced by another tree at no additional cost to you.  

  • When: To ensure the best chance of survival, trees are planted between October 30th and April 30th
  • Location: The City Forester will determine an appropriate location and species for your tree
  • Fees: $200 donation
  • Register Online for Memorial Tree Program

Missouri City Tree Challenge

The Nichols Family of Quail Valley has generously offered to match their neighbors' tree donations, for up to 50 trees in Missouri City parks. Trees will average 6-12 feet tall at the time of planting. The City Forester will select the appropriate species and location for each tree sponsored. For more information and to participat, Register Online for Tree Challenge.

Memorial Park Bench

Donate a park bench for a friend or loved one in one of Missouri City's parks. Memorial benches are 6 feet long. The donation of $1,200 includes engraving and installation costs. Your newly installed bench will be guaranteed for two years. Parks Department staff will help you determine an appropriate location for your memorial bench. Register Online for Memorial Bench Program 

Interested individuals may also submit the Memorial Tree/Bench Program Form (PDF).