Facade Improvement Incentive Program

Program Details & Application

Pursuant to Section 380.001 of the Texas Local Government Code, a city may establish and provide for the administration of one or more programs, including programs for grants of public money to promote local economic development and to stimulate business and commercial activity in the city. In accordance with such authority, the City of Missouri City’s Texas Parkway/Cartwright Road Façade Improvement Incentive Program promotes enhancements/visual (exterior) improvements to commercial real estate property in the areas along Texas Parkway and Cartwright Road. The information requested on the application is required by the City of Missouri City, Texas, to perform an assessment of the proposed project and to assess the project’s alignment with the City’s program objectives. 

  1. Façade improvements must be consistent with the City’s previously adopted Architectural Design Standards.
  2. Eligible improvements for this program include:
    • Painting*
    • Shutters 
    • Signage*
    • Awnings/canopies
    • Decorative exterior improvements 
    • Exterior doors/windows 
    • Exterior wall repairs/changes (i.e. stucco, brick or wood repairs and replacement, and other changes to the architectural style or appearance of the façade…)
    • Changes to the roof line
    • Landscaping around the building
    • Irrigation
    • Parking lot re-paving, re-sealing, re-striping*
    • Exterior lighting*
    • Patio or decks connected to the building*
    • Exterior ADA improvements associated with another façade improvement
    • Fencing (excluding: chain link, barbed wire, and wood panels)
    • Other site improvements at the discretion of the City Council
      • Improvement items marked with (*) are priority improvements selected by the Texas Parkway/Cartwright Corridor Advisory Committee.
  3. Location Eligibility: To receive a reimbursement grant from the Texas Parkway/Cartwright Road Façade Improvement Incentive Program, an establishment must be located on Texas Parkway or Cartwright Road.
  4. All work requires appropriate building permits and must be completed in compliance with applicable City of Missouri City codes and ordinances.
  5. Ineligibility: The following are ineligible for the Texas Parkway/Cartwright Road Façade Improvement Incentive Program:
    • A property for which state or local taxes are in arrears;
    • An establishment, including the establishment’s owner or manager, that has an open citation to the Municipal Court of the City of Missouri City for a Missouri City Code violation;
    • A proprietor or manager of an establishment who is related, by either blood or marriage, to an appointed official or member of the City Council;
    • A building constructed after 2000.
  6.  As a part of this program, accepted applications will receive waived permit fees for façade improvements.
  7. Any funds approved for reimbursement under this program will be paid after work has been completed and accepted as in compliance with the application and the City of Missouri City’s code of ordinances exclusively for approved work, approved change orders and only for work that has been performed after the grantee has received notification that the application has been approved by the  City Council of the City of Missouri City in open regular session. ANY PRIOR APPROVED PERMITS AND WORK ASSOCIATED TO THOSE PERMITS MUST BE CLOSED PRIOR TO APPLICATION APPROVAL. ANY WORK COMPLETED PRIOR TO RECEIVING INCENTIVE APPROVAL ARE INELIGIBLE FOR REIMBURSMENT.  
  8. To be reimbursed, after authorization of a reimbursement agreement, applicants must submit documentation of applicable expenditures, which will be reviewed by a certified public accountant who will certify the amount due prior to reimbursement. 

Additional Requirements

  • Property must be occupied and/or actively on the market to be considered for this program.
  • The City may reimburse projects for up to 75% of projects costs.
  • The City will reimburse each project at a maximum of $200,000.
  • Applications must clearly outline façade projects and associated costs.
  • All applications will be received on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed and scored by an internal committee.
  • Applications will be scored and recommended for reimbursement based on adherence to the city’s Architectural Design Standards, number of priority improvements selected and available funds.  
  • All incentives are subject to the final approval of formal written agreements approved in open regular session by the City Council of the City of Missouri City.
  • Once approved, applicants will have 18 months to complete the project and submit for reimbursement.
  • Applicants must retain ownership for two years upon reimbursement or transfer the agreement to new ownership if sold during that timeframe.
  • Applicants must maintain improvements for two years at minimum or pay back a pro-rata share of the reimbursement received.

Online Application Submission

Interested businesses may submit their application online, via this link: APPLY NOW

The application is broken into the following sections:

  1. Property, 
  2. Proposed Project and 
  3. Additional Information Required for Consideration 

If you have any questions concerning the information being requested on the application or need assistance completing the application, please contact the Economic Development Department.

  1. Aubrey Nettles

    Executive Director of Economic Development
    Phone: 281.403.8695