1111Welcome to the Missouri City Pickleball page! Our intent is to promote the game of pickleball and to provide competitive and social pickleball activities.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines the best elements of ping pong and tennis. It’s the ultimate team and social sport for all ages! The game is easy to learn and really fun to play. It can be played on a variety of levels from casual to very competitive.

 Bring your paddles and balls! Missouri City Rec offers pickleball in the basketball gym on 3 indoor courts, as well as 3 outdoor pickleball courts. 

For questions regarding court reservations or for more information, contact the Recreation & Tennis Center at 281-403-8637, or email Cristina Escamos.



During Open Play times, members and non-members can drop in to use the indoor courts.
Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am-12 pm
Price: Free for Rec members, $5 per non-member

During Open Play times, members and non-members can drop in to use the outdoor courts.
Time: Monday & Wednesday 8 am - 12 pm
            Tuesday & Thursday 5 pm – 9 pm 
Price: Free for Rec members, $5 per non-member


1. All pickleball courts rules apply.
2. Games are to be played to 11 points (first to 11, no win by 2)
NOTE:  When 5 stacks are waiting to play: Play a game to 9 points.
When 7 or more stacks are waiting to play: Play a game to 7 points.
 3. All players ages 13 & up regardless of skill level are eligible to play on any court during Open Play times.

Code of Conduct

Pickleball is a social and inclusive sport. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous manner at all times. All players are reminded that the goal is to provide an environment where all players can play the game to the best of their ability and most importantly have fun while doing so.

Basic organization of play

Do not ‘shuffle’ paddles, once a stack of 4 is established, do not make any change to that stack unless all players are in agreement.

  • When you arrive or are just coming off the court, place your paddles at the end of the line and stack up to 4 paddles at a time. The next open court is for the next four paddles in line. 
  • You can place your paddle on any stack as long as there are not 4 paddles on that stack. 
  • Do not move anyone’s paddles but your OWN. 
  • When you come off court you may place your paddle with the same people you played with and make your own stack or add to a different stack that is not already filled with four paddles. 
  • If a stack has three paddles you may go ahead and add yours regardless how long you have been waiting. 
  • If a court is available and the next stack only has three paddles you can ask someone to volunteer to play in that game. 

 Please be courteous to all players and respectful to their skill level. 
Remember that Open Social Play is for all skill levels.


Not available for reservations

The Recreation & Tennis Center has three outdoor pickleball courts available for reservations. Courts are available in 9-minute blocks per reservation (renter must arrive no later than 15 minutes after reservation start time or they forfeit the use of the court).

Reservations can be made by calling 281-403-8637 or in person at the Recreation & Tennis Center, located at 2701 Cypress Point Drive. 

Mondays         12:30pm – Sunset
Tuesdays        8:00am – 4:30pm
Wednesdays   12:30pm – Sunset
Thursdays       8:00am – 4:30pm
Fridays            12:30pm – 4:30pm
Saturdays        8:00am – 2:15pm
Sundays          12:00pm – 3:15pm

Reservation fee:
 Members who made the reservation must be present and playing. Members may reserve a court at no cost. $5.00 fee per each member’s guest.
 $5.00 fee per non-member 



  1. All players are required to register and pay the required fees at the Recreation & Tennis Center front desk before going to the tennis courts for play.
  2. Only contracted pickleball professionals may teach lessons or coach players on the courts. 
  3. No teaching cart, ball hopper, cones, targets, or other teaching materials are allowed on the courts. 
  4. No horseplay or profanity allowed.
  5. These courts are only to be used for recreational play and for programs and activities approved and/or sponsored by the Recreation and Tennis Center. Recreation and Tennis Center staff must approve all court use for leagues, tournaments, and other organized events.
  6. Players must wear appropriate pickleball attire. Shirts and tennis shoes are required. No non-tennis shoes are allowed on the courts.
  7. No pets, motorcycles, motor bikes, bicycles, skates, skateboard or other vehicles allowed on the courts.
  8. Players will not be permitted to play when rain has made courts unplayable. Players must leave the tennis courts during lightning or thunderstorms or any other weather conditions that will endanger player safety.
  9. Players assume all risks associated with play.
  10. A 15-minute default rule will be in effect for court reservations.
  11. Glass containers, alcohol are not allowed on the tennis courts.