Small Business Advisory Committee


The Small Business Advisory Committee meets on an as-needed basis.  


Committee MemberPosition Member Position DistrictExpiration Date
VacantPosition 1 
VacantPosition 2 
VacantPosition 3 
Lamont WaitsPosition 4Small Business OwnerA6/30/25
Rena MarshallPosition 5Residential MemberD6/30/25
VacantPosition 6 
Johnny GoffPosition 7Small Business OwnerC6/30/25
VacantPosition 8 
VacantPosition 9 
Shahara WrightPosition 10Residential MemberD6/30/25
Velltrice MartinPosition 11Residential MemberC6/30/25
Alicia BrownellPosition 12Small Business Owner A6/30/25
VacantPosition 13

Danita CareyPosition 14Residential MemberB6/30/25
Jami BertrandPosition 15Small Business OwnerC6/30/25

Board Functions

The members of the Small Business Advisory Committee of Missouri City will review and suggest certain proposals and provide input relating to small businesses in Missouri City.


New Candidate Application

If you are interested in serving the Small Business Advisory Committee, please submit an application to the City and it will be directed to City Council for consideration.  

Should you have any questions, please contact the City Secretary's Office.