Police Department


3849 Cartwright Rd.
Missouri City, TX 77459



Link: www.missouricitypolice.org

Crime Tips Ph: 281.403.5868

24 hours a day, seven days a week         

Name Title Email Phone
Berezin, Michael Chief of Police 281.403.8720
Bothell, Lance Assistant Chief of Police 281.403.8719
Collins, Betty Administrative Assistant 281.403.8703


Name Title Email Phone
Williams, Kevin Captain 281.403.8713
D'Oench, Russell Sergeant 281.403.5819
Cox, Tracy Sergeant 281.403.5855
Murray, Rachel Interim Compliance Supervisor  
Burnett, Tamala Crime Victim Liaison 281.403.8738

Criminal Investigations 

Name Title Email Phone
Poulton, Paul Captain 281.403.8721
Terry, Russell Lieutenant 281.403.8737
Griffith, Keith Sergeant 281.403.5837
McClellan, Jay Sergeant 281.403.8717
Tippit, Brad Detective 281.403.8718
Montemayor, Marcus Detective 281.403.8732
Robb, Andrew Detective 281.403.5860
Yates-Porrovecchio, Lisa Detective 281.403.8730
Patrick, Terry Detective 281.403.5852
Rodriguez, Audrey Detective 281.403.5827
Medina, Michael Detective   281.403.5867
Salazar, Alex Detective 281.403.5864
Spencer, Derrick Detective 281.403.5832
Zimmer, Mike Detective 281.403.5823
Reed, Woody Detective 281.403.5866
Hill, Melissa Detective 281.403.5849

Criminalist / Evidence Room 

Name Title Email Phone
Trevino, Manuel Criminalist 281.403.8726
Romero, Sharon Criminalist 281.403.8727
Betenbaugh, Michelle Criminalist 281.403.8728

Support Services 

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm          

Name Title Email Phone
Harris, Brandon Captain 281.403.5847
Pahl, Ben Radio Systems Manager, Communications Supervisor 281.403.8746
Keary, DaShawn Records Supervisor 281.403.8740
Brumfield, Shannon Dispatch Manager 281.403.8744
Simmons, Amber Communications Supervisor 281.403.8708


Name Title Email Phone
Williams, Dwayne Captain 281.403.8745
York, Jeffrey Lieutenant 281.403.5818
Burleson, Kevin Lieutenant 281.403.8722
Heard, Jazton Lieutenant 281.403.5864
Hebert , Michael Sergeant 281.403.5805
Hanks, Chris Sergeant 281.403.5846
Tullos, Kevin Sergeant 281.403.5804
Santos, Adam Sergeant 281.403.5876
Luera, Saul Sergeant 281.403.5824
Jefferson, Lewis Sergeant  
Ibanez, Nickolas Sergeant 281.403.5844
Schlosser, Matt Sergeant 281.403.5859

Special Operations 

Crime Analyst 

3849 Cartwright Rd.
Missouri City, TX 77459

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm         

Name Title Email Phone
Davis, Scott Crime Analyst 281.403.8731

Code Enforcement 

To report a code violation, please submit the concern on SeeClickFix or call the Code Enforcement Hotline at 281.403.8560.