Home Fire Safety Survey Program

Individualized Safety Reviews

In an effort to help our residents make their homes a safer place, Missouri City Fire and Rescue Services has developed a Home Safety Survey Program. Upon request, your home will be surveyed for items that may be considered fire or safety hazards and are tailored to your specific situation. For example, a young couple with three children may have hazardous conditions in their home that would not be considered hazardous for a retired couple. These surveys point out these conditions in your home that may pose a threat to your household.

There is no fee and no fines are assessed for hazardous conditions that are found. We simply point out to the residents what the hazards are, why they are hazards, and why it is in the resident’s best interest to rectify these conditions.

More About the Program

“Saving lives through prevention is one of our main goals and the home is where most fires occur,” said Fire Chief Russell Sander. “The new survey is an important tool that people can use to protect their families and their homes.”

Request a Home Safety Inspection

To request a home safety inspection, please call 281.403.4300 or complete the Fire Resource Request Form online.